Car Information:
Chevy G10
Year: 1985
Engine Size: 305
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I need to convert this van to 134a and replace the compressor, drier and exp. valve. My question is this. There are two models of compressors listed. One has a coil connector at 12 o’clock and the other at 9. When I look at my compressor from the opened hood the connector is at 10:30. I have asked at a couple of supply houses and no one seems to know which is which and the big question is, why is the 12 o’clock $100 more? If that is the only difference I can stretch the wires to fit for $100.
The second part of my question is, I understand there is some kind of orifice on the back of this compressor that if not specifically set for 134a will not operate correctly. So If I am buying a compressor for a 1985 vehicle will it come with an R12 orifice or do all compressors sold today have to have an orifice for 134a? I have good experience replacing all parts of AC systems before but not performed a conversion before. Any other hints or suggestions? Thanks again for the show and your invaluable help.


The CCOT tube is located in the high pressure hose not the compressor. If the compressor bolts up and the wire reaches the coil I don’t see a problem.

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