Car Information:
Chevy Corvette Silver Aniver
Year: 1978
Engine Size: 350
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
This may seem like a strange tech question but here goes: I’m the Owner of a Corvette Silver Aniver Edition since 1978. In 2001, the car retired and has mostly sat in the garage. I plan on selling the car but it needs tires, brake work, transmission small leak and engine work. Here’s the question: Do you fix it up and ask for more money on sale or do you sell it as is? Do you know someone who wants to give it a good home?

The car needs to be drivable! If it can be driven you won’t have any problem. However if all a potential buyer has to go on is what you tell them, and how nice it’s going to be after it’s fixed prepare yourself for some very insulting offers!

Your best bet may be to have us look it over and at least let you know what it needs and try to put a value on it as is and what if! Selling this car should not be a problem.

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