Car Information:
Ford Focus
Year: 2006
Engine Size: 2.0
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I listen to your show as often as I can, normally when I am traveling and I enjoy it very much. I know you are a proponent of Amsoil . While I don’t disagree, due to cost and my situation I opt for changing my oil every 3,000 miles. Through the years it has worked well for me and my vehicles. The last couple of years you have said that the automobile manufactures specs calling for SAE 5-20 weight was just a ploy to require more service $ on your vehicle. While my automobiles were under warranty I always follow the manufactures specs religiously but after that I try to use my experiences, common sense and do listen to others for advise. Anyhow my question to you is what SAE weight oil do you recommend to someone who does replace their oil every 3,000 miles? As I have been a Pennzoil customer for 50 years, would you agree that SAE 10 W 30 would be a better choice for my 2006 Dodge Caravan & Ford Focus?

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me

We use the Amsoil 0-W-30 and change it every 10,000 mile. With a petroleum oil the closest you can come would be a 5-W-30 we don’t use 5-W-15 or 5-W-20 in anything here in Central Florida.

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