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BMK-23 Kit

Car Information:
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Year: 2007
Engine Size: 4.0
Trans: Automatic

I was considering installing an amsoil bypass filter kit on my Toyota FJ Cruiser. I was going to install the BMK-23 kit. I currently run amsoil 0-30w, and the 10-40w oils in it. I change the oil at 15K and the filter every 5K. I use either the puralator Pure One (99.8% efficiency) or a WIX filter. I can’t use an amsoil absolute filter for it. Amsoil says theres a problem with them clogging. Have you heard about this or a solution? I priced the kit at a 20% discount and will total approximately $298. Would it be worth it to install the bypass kit? I currently have 56K miles on the FJ.

If you have room for this go ahead and install the kit with the provided Mickey Mouse hoses, Then remove them and have a hose company make them from hydraulic line with crimped fittings. We do not use the ones provided period!

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Disable Ignition

Car Information:
Toyota F J Cruiser
Year: 2007
Engine Size: V6
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I am leaving my 2007 FJ Cruiser at a motel near the Orlando Airport for 4 – 5 days while I fly to San Francisco. Is there a way to disable the ignition to deter theft of the vehicle while I am gone.

I used to take the rotor from vehicles in the past, but I can’t even see a distributor, if it even has one?

You mean like unplug the injector harness! Or pull a couple relays out of the relay center under the hood. If I was a FJ cruiser thief and I went to steal it, that would really make me mad!

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