Car Information:
Hyundai/Santa Fe
Year: 2005
Engine Size: 2.7L
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I bought my car new and only have 23,202 miles on it. I was informed by the dealer that my transmission oil needs to be changed. They said that the cost would be $200 which includes a flush and penzoil synthetic fluid. I told them that I didn’t want to flush the transmission. You always say that this could be harmful. They told me that my 10 year warranty on the transmission would be void if I didn’t have it done!

What is your opinion and what do you recommend I should do?

Ask them to put that statement in writing, then ask them to show you in your owner’s manual where it states that you are required to flush your transmission! This transmission uses a screen instead of a filter and only requires a drain and fill. That’s all your owner’s manual states that is needed. We charge $96.00 and use Amsoil fluid, a fluid that costs almost triple the price of their Penzoil. Flushing a transmission instead of draining and refilling or dropping the pan and changing a filter if equipped is all anyone wants to do when servicing a transmission. Flushing causes debris to loosen and get trapped into solenoids and valves and will cause shifting problems. Whoever told you this feel if they scare you into voiding your warranty you will let them do what ever they want.

Should you drain and fill the transmission since its 5 years old? Sure. Should you be scared into a doing a service that’s not recommended by the manufacture? NO! This service adviser and dealer should be reported to the manufacturer. Complaints to the manufacturer over a dealer’s service will usually lower their customer satisfaction rating and forces them to get rid of looser service advisers and make changes in their polices when recommending service work. Why can’t they just be honest about it and tell you the truth?

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