Car Information:
Year: 2003
Engine Size:
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
My car was doing strange things like the radio, A/C, turn-signals, and windows not working. The car wouldn’t start so a friend switched fuses and it worked for a short time. Then the key would not turn. I took the car to a local garage and had the battery replaced because it was dead. Now it starts and everything is working, but it will not go into gear. Any suggestions?

If the shifter won’t move with the brake depressed, we have a problem with the shift lock safety system. If you can move the shifter into position and the car doesn’t move, there may be a problem with the range sensor or possible program issue resulting from the battery problem. I would suggest having it towed in and letting us check it. If you need assistance with the towing let us know and we can make the arrangements.

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