Car Information:
Ford Explorer
Year: 2008
Engine Size: 4.0 Liter
Trans: Automatic

Issue/Question: I feel a vibration or shudder through my steering wheel when I start to turn the wheels. The situation is this: From a standing start, creeping the vehicle very slowly forward or backwards and turning the steering, I feel this momentary shudder or vibration. Could this be due to the steering system activating itself from a standing start, or could there be a problem? My tire pressures are at 35ib.

I would suggest putting the truck on an alignment rack so the suspension stays loaded and then turn the wheels to see if any binding is present. This will check for seized ball joints. These ball joints don’t have grease fittings and when the grease gets thick it will no longer lubricate the joint and cause the shudder. If the joints are still tight sometimes we can re-lube the joints with a grease needle through the boots, providing their still intact.

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