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Problem Shifting

Car Information:
Honda Odyssey
Year: 2003
Engine Size: 3.5L
Trans: Automatic

Issue/Question: Problem shifting into 2nd gear. Trans waits longer than normal, then shifts hard. Doesn’t matter if it is an upshift or a downshift. If you drive moderatly, you hardly notice. Any more than 1/3 throttle and it shifts hard. You do have to baby it if you slow to 20 mph or so then accelerate again. It will shift hard down to 2nd. No problems in other gears. Was told I need a new trans, but if gently driven this one may last. Any info appreciated.

Rich all we can do is replace the external shift solenoids and make sure the fluid is the right low viscosity. It does sound like a solenoid problem but their pricey from Honda.

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Noisy Brakes

Car Information:
Year: 2005
Engine Size:
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
My vehicle has 50K miles and almost 1 year ago I noticed what sounded like “metal on metal” noise when slowly depressing the brake pedal at very low speeds. It was a “head turner” and nuisance, so I took it into the dealer and they did some brake work. I’m sorry I can’t tell you the exact details, but it was either new front brakes or something not to expensive. So here I am less than one year later and the “head turning” noise has started again. I e-mailed the service manager at the dealership and he has not responded. I went online and saw some blog postings about Honda possibly using materials that had the tendency to be noisy after a short time. The noise appears to be more pronounced when the vehicle is cold. Your thoughts and recommendation would be appreciated.

This is a common occurrence with original equipment pads. Their friction material is a compound of carbon and metal, thus giving them the name semi metallic pads. As one might imagine, metal and moisture causes rust and oxidation and of course squeaks and squeals especially when using your brakes first thing in the AM. After the rusty film is removed the noise usually dissipates until they encounter dampness again.

Nowadays, the aftermarket has come out with ceramic pads to replace and get rid of the problems with the OEM semi metallic pads. The benefits of Ceramics are no squeaks, squeals or dirty wheels, they stop better, last longer and don’t wear your rotors.

If you would like you can give us a call and we will have you bring in the van and inspect the brakes just to make sure their isn’t anything majorly wrong.

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