Car Information:
Buick Century
Year: 2002
Engine Size: 6 cyl
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
Odometer and which gear one is in indicators inside instrument panel no longer light up and are therefore unreadable. Dealer told me entire instrument panel has to be replaced to fix the problem which will cost 800 dollars. Heard your radio program Saturday where you said Buick was well aware of the shortcomings of it’s instrument panels and where you also said the prices of these panels was coming down and now around 300 dollars. Is that a fair estimate of what you would charge me to fix it? Thank you.

Here’s the deal on this car, the cluster is available from the dealer (big bucks), used or we can send yours out for rebuild, then after we get it installed we will have to program it. We can get it done for $515.00 parts and labor.

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