Car Information:
BMW 330i
Year: 2004
Engine Size: 3L
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
Sometimes, first thing in the morning, when I put it into drive nothing happens. Reverse is OK. Then drive is OK for the remainder of the day & possibly the next 2-3 days before it happens again.

First we need to scan the system for codes. If none found, a pressure test needs to take place in the AM during cold start when placed into drive.

If we have low pressure it means there’s an internal pressure leak, a check valve or leaky piston seal could be leaking pressure and causing the issue, unfortunately this would require internal repair.

If we have no pressure when the transmission has the delay its actually good news! This usually means there’s an electrical contact problem with the electronic range switch that electronically sends info to the computer that opens the correct solenoids when you select a gear position. (This is a common problem with this transmission).

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