Car Information:
Ford Freestyle
Year: 2006
Engine Size: 6 cylinder
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
My check engine light and wrench light stayed on after starting the car. But if the car was turned off and restarted they went away. I drove the car that way for a month. Then the car did not move in drive, but when warmed up I was able to move it out of the drive. I took the car in and was told the transmission was shot and needed a new one. I spent $5600.00 for a transmission. Brought the car home and the next day the lights were back on. Now I question if I ever received a new transmission. I was forced to pay cash as he would not accept personal checks and he charged 2% more for credit cards. I took the car back and he said he took it to the Ford dealer and he forgot to change a sensor or something after replacing the transmission. Brought it home and again the lights are on. He said he took it back to Ford and there is nothing wrong. He said the lights were off. So went to pick it up after work. Lights are on. This has been going on for over three weeks. I don’t want to drive my car with lights on and I think he should have to fix my car. Because to me these lights were part of the problem and $5600 hundred dollars later. I feel I have the same issue. This shop was recommended by someone who had there transmission fixed there. Please help. I don’t know what to do.


I’m sorry to hear this but unfortunately I hear it everyday! You are right you might have not needed a transmission. And if you did you paid almost twice as much as what we could have done the job for! I suggest if you don’t have any luck you tell this Thief your dealing with your taking the car to Magic Mechanic in Orlando to see exactly what has been done to your car and what is still needed and to retain me Larry Perry as an expert for any potential litigation concerning this repair! And yes you have my permission to use my name concerning this matter.

I also think I will read this e-mail during the open of my radio show Saturday so other consumers can see just how easy it is to be taken by a transmission shop!

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