Good afternoon, – My name is Betsy and I’m doing a little research for our founder Angie who writes a weekly consumer column. The questions are generated from people who write us with certain concerns.

This week we got a question from a driver asking about the risks or benefits of changing from regular (conventional) motor oil to synthetic oil. I’ve included a couple questions below. If you have a moment to help us with our research, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

Question: What’s the harm or benefit of changing from regular motor oil to a synthetic oil?
Answer – Synthetic motor oils are attracted to heat and high wear points in an engine, reducing friction, These benefits reduce or eliminate engine wear and allows an engine to get better fuel economy usually 10 to 15% more miles to the gallon.

Question: If I decide to switch from one type to the other, how does that affect the regular maintenance of the vehicle?
Answer – It doesn’t, unless the synthetic oil your using recommends extended drain intervals, If that’s the case some synthetic motor oils only recommend changing their oil once a year or an advertised mileage making the higher priced synthetic oils more cost effective to use.

Question: What’s synthetic oil made of?
Answer –
Theirs two types of synthetic oil available for automotive use, One is Petroleum oil that’s under went a process called hydro cracking or hydro fining these are the cheaper versions of synthetic oils and usually do not recommend extended drains intervals. The other is what’s called PAO oils (Poly-Alpha-Olefin) these synthetic base stocks are manufactured from irritated plastics giving them their superior lubricating benefits increasing fuel economy and eliminating wear. Readily available PAO oils are products such as Mobil 1 synthetic’s and Amsoil synthetic motor oils.

Question: Are newer cars more likely to benefit from synthetic oils?
Answer – All vehicles can benefit from superior lubrication such as PAO base stock lubricants, better fuel economy and reduced or eliminated wear is money in the bank for any vehicle. Many new car manufactures are now only recommending synthetic engine oils and will actually void engine warranties if a petroleum oil was used and a malfunction was due to a lubrication problem associated with its use.

Question: Do I need a different type of oil filter if I switch my care to synthetic oill?
Answer: No, synthetic oil will flow through any factory or aftermarket oil filter.


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