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I am totally sold on Amsoil and have no intention of ever changing, but I’d like to ask a question out of curiosity. You’re an expert on motor oils and I’ve been hearing a lot of ads about the BG oil treatment lately and was wondering what it is. I’ve noticed that they never tell you what it is. That sends up red flags for me. Obviously they’re keeping it secret for a reason. I have spent most of my working career in the trucking industry, I was Director of Fleet Operations for Avis Truck Division until they decided to stop leasing trucks in 1982. I experimented with teflon additives back in the 70’s with less than stellar results. A bean counter that outranked me thought I should look into it. So I had to prove it didn’t work. It cost me a very expensive engine to prove it. (Cummins 400HP) Quite frankly, this stuff sounds like what we less than affectionately called “mouse milk.” Can you tell me what you know about it so I can at least tell my friends why they should avoid it?

Believe it or not BG makes some good products, Their carbon cleaner fuel additive is a great product its comparable to Amsoil’s PI they both do an outstanding job. Their oil treatment is a blend of PAO. and synthetic esters in a mineral oil base. If you used cheap oil and wanted to make it better I guess it would be ok, but if you use a high quality PAO. synthetic oil like Amsoil already it would be no different then adding another pint of oil because its basically the same thing.

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