Car Information:
Lexus ISF
Year: 2010
Engine Size: 5.0L
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I bet if you had a nickle every time you have been asked this question you would be a gazillionaire. I’ve got about 5k miles on my ISF, just took it into the dealer for my “free” first oil change this week, and as often happens, they overfilled the crank case (seems to be a trend with Lexus dealers which is why I like to change my own oil).

I am more than anxious to get the new car on the Amsoil diet but continue to get conflicting information on when it’s good to do this. Some say now, some say wait until the motor clocks about 7k to 10k miles. What do you fine folks think? I am ready to do it now but switched to syn oil too soon on my old A4 and it wound up using a lot of oil which the service adviser blamed on the premature switch to Amsoil.

Thanks… I enjoy your WDBO show and make it a point to buy my oil from you folks so Larry can yell at me for changing it too soon.

Jim 5,000 mile is plenty, If its not using oil now it wont when you switch over to Amsoil. I recommend 0-W-30 change it every 10 to 12 K or in accordance with the oil monitoring system.

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