Issue / Question:
You mention on your show periodically using the 100:1 Amsoil marine outboard in your vehicles to help with gas millage. What is the ratio I’m supposed to use? Along the same line, you mentioned using acetone also. But I heard that it “dries” out the gas and with the methanol mixture in most gasses today are drying too. Is it still ok to try that and what ratio for that? Also would you recommend using both the acetone & Amsoil? The Amsoil helps lubricate the dryness, so maybe that would help….

Acetone worked somewhat in fuel before ethanol but doesn’t seem to do much with ethanol fuels now. Adding 1 ounce of Amsoil 100:1 outboard oil to each 5 gallons of fuel adds lube to the fuel and helps with valve to valve guide friction and promotes better fuel economy.

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