Car Information:
Year: 2008
Engine Size: 6 cylinder
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I have heard your radio show is how I heard about you…I just asked a question and hope you don’t mind a couple more..I am used car shopping.

#1 I have always stayed with American cars although I must keep a car longer and get more miles then I used to…I know Forein cars perform so much better in these areas. In your opinion is there one Auto maker (American) that is better in this area than others…Also I am 47 yrs old financially O.K. earn a reasonable living but not rich. Just an average 40+ a year Joe..I would not mind considering purchasing a used BMW Or Mercedes or Audi but everyone cautions me about the maintenance cost & repairs.

Are they really so out of line that the average person would get in trouble with them. They mentioned “oh only synthetic motor oil”. Well shoot most people recommend synthetic oil for all cars now days. I know your shop believes in Amsoil. So is it over blown or is the truth. I do O.K. But I do not have money just lying around. Is the maintenance, Etc that much out of whack from other “American & Japanese cars? Thanks for answering..You guys are Great

Its where you take them for service! A and B services can cost up to 80% more at the local dealers, Our BMW and Mercedes Customers don’t spend any more on maintenance then a customer with a VW!

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