Car Information:
Year: 1996
Engine Size: 2.5
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
The vehicle recently started to take lomger to shift. 0-20 is fine but 20-40 RPM is hitting 4000 and over before shifting. I had the oil change in the transimission and lucas was put in there but no change. The vehicle has 205k on it! My brother in-law thinks it’s the vehicle speed sensor and transmission shift solenoid. Don’t want to change those parts for it does not resolve the issue. I want to make sure what the issue is and weigh my options. I also tried sea foam in the transmission but there was no change. It is shifting 1-2 as a side note.

This vehicle uses an electronic shifted M1WA transmission. The computer system in this car ties the ABS, traction control and transmission shifting all into one big bundle of joy! Although you’re experiencing a late 1-2 shift it could be something other than a transmission or transmission control issue. We have seen wheel speed sensors cause this problem. If you have any other issues with this car we suggest fixing them first before spending any time or money on a transmission problem. Even though there’s limited data with the computer system on this car, a scan with a launce X 431 scan system would be where we would start. Make sure all other system are working properly first, then proceed with transmission diagnostics, if necessary.

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