Car Information:
Chrysler Town and Country
Year: 2003
Engine Size: 3.8
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
A/C problem. Recently had new compressor, expansion valve installed. Since the repair was done, air on drivers side does not get nearly as cold as the passenger side or rear air. I have checked the actuator doors on the plenum and all seem to be functioning. Any ideas on what I can do?

iIf the blend door is working its full scale and the proper amount of refrigerant has been used, it leaves one common thing we see when another shop has replaced a compressor and has no cold air or cooler one side then the other. They didn’t purge the existing refrigerant oil out of the evaporator. There is not supposed to be any oil in the evaporator, in a perfect world. Although its impossible to keep it out unless a person uses a product like our ICE-32. Lets say over the years your oil charge in the original compressor 3 ounces got pulled out of the compressor overtime and into the evaporator, not only dose this restrict the evaporator reducing its refrigerant capacity it doesn’t sound like it did your old compressor any favors either! Now someone installed another compressor full of oil and for the heck of it just to make sure the new compressor had plenty of oil they add a little more, now you have a evaporator 1/2 full of oil so your only going to get refrigerant flowing through the upper half of the evaporator (the part the passenger side gets) I would suggest evacuate the system purge the oil out of the evaporator and condenser and recharge the system and add the ICE-32. This should get you back in business!

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