Car Information:
makemodel: Chevy silverado
year: 2001
enginesize: 5.3

Question: A/C fan control switch does not work in positions 1,2 & 3. Each number postion failed systematically over a period of time. Is this a relay problem or a switch problem and where is the relay located?

Solution: Blower motor resistor is burnt into on position #1, #2, #3 when its on high – voltage is a direct 12 volts and does not travel through the resistor that’s why you still high blower,

The resistor gets extremely hot when positions 1,2,3 are used that’s why they locate it in the evaporator case so the fan actually cools the resistor. In most cases the resistor fails because the blower motor is worn and drawing to many amps, which in turn cause’s the resistor to overheat and burn up. In many cases since its 9 years old we would recommend replacing both the fan motor and resistor, if not theirs a real good chance the resistor will only last a short time. Let us know if we can help or if you need further assistance, 407-629-2661


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