Car Information:
Engine Size: 3.3
Trans: Automatic

ABS light is on sometimes, but brakes seem to operate ok. However every once in a while, the ABS light is off and the brakes will have a stiff feel and a wierd buzzing noise with a fast pulsating in the brake pedal, then the ABS light comes on about a minute later. The brakes seem to be doing this more frequently now than 2 weeks ago. It almost feels as if the ABS motor is firing. Could this be a wheel sensor? Can the ABS code be checked even though the code is clearing?

In many cases I find a loose wheel bearing allowing a wheel speed sensor to come into contact with the pick up wheel, when this happens the ABS system realizes a wheel lock up and rids brake pressure at a particular caliper or wheel cylinder.

With our Mopar DRB 2 scan system we can pull historical data from the PCM even if the ABS light is off. Let us know if you want us to look at it, 407-629-2661

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