Car Information:
Toyota Sienna
Year: 2003
Engine Size: 6 Cylinder 3.0 Liter
Trans: Automatic

Issue/Question: The Brake, ABS, and Tire Pressure lights are on. An initial diagnostic test stated LF wheel speed sensor had to be replaced. Lights never shut off. I took it to Courtesy Toyota who also diagnosed the van and later stated that the ABS Actuator/Computer had to be replaced. The cost is $2,000. Is there another alternative other than spending that much money? Can I still drive the van? Thanks for your help.

Greg we would need to scan the system our self. Personally, I don’t think we have ever replaced an ABS module on one of these so they don’t go bad often. If it is defective and needs replaced, due to the cost and excellent track record of this part, I would suggest we install a used one and the repair (if needed) would be a fraction of the price!


Issue/Question: Thanks for your response. Please understand where I’m coming from. I’ve gone to 4 different mechanics, all of whom have scanned my vehicle and gotten the same results: C205, C210. According to Courtesy Toyota, all the sensors are good and so are all the wires.

Can you give me a ball park figure as to how much it would cost me to get a used ABS module and/or a rebuilt one? (By the way, the receipt I have on hand states an ABS Actuator part# 44050-08050.) I have no problem going to you guys if the price is reasonable. Thanks again.

I also ran this by one of my technicians and he stated he had one doing the same thing about a month ago and he found corrosion in the connector at the module. He cleaned the connector and installed dialectic grease, and it has not been back. Usually when a module has a major failure it will no longer communicate with the power train control module, it will simply say no communication. If the module has power and ground, it’s dead. In this case it’s storing trouble codes! The C 205 is a signal problem with the left front wheel and the C 210 is for the right rear. Now one must ask them self could this be caused by a corrosion problem at the connector? (Absolutely).

If your module is dead and we cannot bring it back to life, we can get a used one and installed with the system flush. You will be looking at $1062.00 I know it’s still a lot of money, but the good news is this module is supposed to only have 20,000 miles on the vehicle it came off. The salvage yard also stated they have had this one forever and never sold one. We also checked with Toyota and according to their parts department they do not stock this part and had no record of selling one.

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