Car Information:
Chevy 1500
Year: 2005
Engine Size: 4.3 V6
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
My transmission is currently having issues shifting into overdrive. It simply acts like it only has three gears. If I press the towing button on the shifter end it doesn’t make any difference. In the past, it did have a tendency to hesitate on take off, and the manufacturer did a upgrade to no avail. We changed the transmission filter and used Amsoil, and that problem went away. Someone told me that it was the over drive–fuse blown–but I can’t find that either. Any ideas?

There are several things that can cause this condition. I would scan the system with a Tech 2 and while driving, look and see if the computer is requesting 4th gear. If yes, I would perform a fluid pressure test and if I had fluid pressure at the 4th gear test port, I would replace the 3-4 solenoid and pressure switch; if not and no internal leak is suspected, I would look and see if the vehicle speed sensor is working properly and if there was any fluid that has leaked into the transmission connector causing a resistance issue for 4th command. There are also other things related to the engine that can cause an inability to go into 4th gear (like an ignition coil or a MAP sensor).

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